It’s 1:00 a.m., Why are you still up!!!


Sleep time is so precious to me. I actually look at the clock and count the hours until I can lay my head down sometimes. So, it blows my mind when I hear my daughter upstairs moving around and I look at the clock and it is 1:00 am ON A SCHOOL NIGHT! Then I have to get out of bed, hit my foot on the post, cuss in my head, travel the long path up those god-awful stairs, and see that she has chosen this moment to finally clean her room. “Why are you still up!?!?” and she says, “I tried to sleep but my room was bothering me, so I cleaned it.” I mean, great for you for finally cleaning it, but we have to be at school in 6 hours. GO TO BED!

The sleep issue is one that we have really been struggling with for several years. I have tried lavender oil, warm baths, Melatonin, and even Tylenol PM (we were on vacation and I will NEVER do this again. She punched me in her sleep). I was getting desperate, so I did some research. Everyday Health gives some great tips that actually worked for me. I didn’t realize that having stimulants in the room was causing a big distraction, so we set the TV to turn off an hour before she went to bed. This helped us make a calm and relaxing environment. During that hour, she would go through a bedtime routine (shower, brush teeth, get pajamas on). I also made sure that her room was “clean” (lets be realistic here, are their rooms ever really clean?) and at least had the clutter off the floor. This actually made a difference and she was able to sleep better. Another must in our house was suggested by, was to purchase a weighted blanket. She explains that these blankets put pressure on the bigger muscle groups, which causes a release of serotonin to help relax the body. These can be purchased online, but there are also organizations that give them away to people in need. and are a few, but if you google “free weighted blankets” there are several others.

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